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KEC Riding Lessons make Great Gifts!

Monthly Riding Lesson Enrollment *Prices for 2023

$185 for once weekly Group Riding Lessons

$285 for twice weekly Group Riding Lessons

$450 for unlimited Group Riding Lessons

*Customers may buy as many months as they would like.


Lesson Prices will be going up in 2024. If you are enrolled in a current, automatic lesson plan, your prices will be locked in.

1 Riding Lesson $50 *Prices for 2023

KEC Gift Certificate


Choose an amount and write a personalized message, a KEC Gift Certificate will be emailed directly to you....


Gift Certificates can be personally emailed or picked up if you would like.

All Sales are Final, No Refunds.

Any questions contact Kelsi at or 641-777-2252

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