Show Horse Lease- No separate or additional lease fees are added! However, show horses must be kept in full training for the entire duration of the lease. Shoeing, routine vet care, insurance and normal expenses that would be associated with keeping/showing the horse are also required. When available, leasing is a great way to get your feet wet or to add an additional horse to your showstring without the initial investment or commitment of buying one!

Lesson Horse Lease- Three types of lesson horse lease options are available. This is a great way to learn the in and outs of owning a horse and provides a way to get that extra horse time you are looking for. This can also be a fulfilling way to get extra practice in for the show ring. All riders are required to take at least one lesson per week during the duration of the lease.

*All horse leases are subject to horse availability and approval by KEC.

Keith Equestrian Center invites you to lease a horse


We have something for everyone! Show horses (lots of divisions), lesson horses, and even prospects. 

Enjoy a horse without the expense and gain extra riding time!


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