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Horse Leasing

KEC has four types of horse leasing to fit a variety of needs.  Our popular Academy Lease allows you to reserve the lesson horse of your choice and comes with unlimited lessons! We have a great Show Horse Lease which allows you to show the show in Performance without having to purchase. We also have a Partial Show Horse Lease which allows one to share a show horse with another rider. Best of all we have our special Buddy Horse Lease/Sponsorship!

KEC Horse Leasing Options

Show Horse Lease

Talk to Kelsi about how you can Lease a Show horse and have the opportunity to show in Performance without having to purchase a show horse. This lease pays for your horse to stay in full training at KEC to stay in Show condition. This is a great option, allowing you to have a Show horse without having to pay the purchase price of one. This Lease is subject to availability and has a commitment involved.
Show Lease: $850/month.

Partial Show Horse Lease
This allows you access to show a Show Horse without having to pay the purchase price of one. The lease is subject to very limited availability and horses are not guaranteed in this lease. This is recommended when a horse might be available for one particular show in order for you or your rider to show additionally. This is a fun way to show extra horses!
Partial Show Lease: $550/month.

Academy Horse Lesson Package/Lease

This allows you to have Unlimited Lessons and the first right to ride and show the horse you are leasing. This is an incredible value!
Academy Lease: $450/month
Buddy Horse Lease/Sponsorship

This lease is for some of our dearly loved older or special needs horses. It provides them with a human companion to specifically love them and care for them as they live out their days at KEC. It provides you with the opportunity to love and care for a horse of your own. This is perfect for people of any age who are not able or wish to ride, but still love and want to be around horses!!
Buddy Lease/Sponsorship: $150/month

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