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Horseback Riding and Driving Lessons

Keith Equestrian Center offers outstanding, personalized instruction to both the novice beginner or the seasoned pros. With a large string of lesson horses, we have the confidence building beginner horses, the challenging show horses, and everything in between. 

We are dedicated to providing our riders with an encouraging, safe environment. Investing in our youth riders, their personal growth and self-esteem.  We firmly believe that horses raise great kids!


Our adult riders enjoy connecting with other adults, enjoying the peace and happiness in the barn family environment. Several of our adults are back to riding after a hiatus or are seasoned riders. We have also personally fulfilled the dreams of many adults of learning to ride and/or own their own horse! All enjoy our close knit barn family, as we pursue our equestrian dreams together!

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KEC Lesson Program

English & Western Riding Lessons

We offer instruction in Saddle Seat, Hunter Seat, Western Riding, Introductory Dressage, and Driving. KEC has instructed Regional and National Champions!

Adults to kids ages 3 & up.

We welcome all riders to KEC whether adult or child from beginner to advanced and for competition or recreation. Our Lesson Program is split evenly between Adults and Children. With special Adult Groups Offered throughout the week.

Lessons offered Year- Around

KEC has lessons year-around in our indoor and outdoor arenas. We have over 30 Acres of riding space!

Private Beginner Lessons

We offer Private Instruction for beginner riders. These lessons are one to two riders for 30 minutes. We encourage riders to come 15 minutes early to groom and tack their school horse.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are the best way to learn! We have increased ride time of 45 minutes, and an addition of 15 minutes where riders are taught the horsemanship of grooming and tacking. We have several groups available Monday- Thursday, Including Adult Groups.

Committment to KEC

KEC has found that riders who ride twice a week, make significantly more progress in their equine journey. We highly recommend riding twice a week! 

KEC Academy Show Team

KEC is proud to offer the chance to compete on our Academy Team. Riders enjoy the excitement of competition and learn the fundamentals of horse showing and sportsmanship!  
No horse purchase is needed, riders enjoy showing our KEC Lesson horses!

All Ages and Experience Levels

Advanced to beginner classes for adults to 3 year olds are offered.

Lesson Pricing and Monthly Enrollment

$145 1 Lesson a Week

$215 2 Lessons a Week

$215 2 Riders 1 Lesson Each a Week

$385 Academy Horse Lease and Unlimited Lessons a Week

$385 2 Riders 2 Lessons Each a Week

$675 Show Horse Lease and Unlimited Lessons a Week

Lesson Pricing

KEC offers Monthly Enrollment for Riding Lessons at a great discount. If you are not ready to sign up for a monthly commitment you can pay for Individual Lessons at $40 a lesson.

How to Sign up

You can sign up for one time payments or automatic billing in our pricing tab. A link below is included as well. PayPal options are included on this page for easy access if that is your preferred payment method.

Riding Lesson Monthly Enrollment Prices

You can make payment for

a Single Riding Lesson here,

via PayPal (Convenience Fee added)

Price- $42

You can make payment for 1 month of Riding Lessons 1x a Week here,

via PayPal

Price- $145

You can make payment for 1 month of Riding Lessons 2x a Week here,

or 2 Riders 1x a week each.

Price- $215

You can make payment for 1 month of our Academy Unlimited Lesson Package

Price- 385

Group Lessons are 1 hour for 3+ Riders
Semi-Private are 1/2 hour for 1-2 Riders

To offer the best instruction possible, Group Lessons are 1 hour in length and Semi-Private Lessons are 1/2 hour in length. We do encourage our riders to come early and stay after to buiid on their horsemanship and to make the most of their barn time!

Lesson Make Ups.

Riders have 60 days to Make Up Lessons.